You can either let chance and circumstances choose your career for you or you can chose it yourself. When you fall upon a profession your goals are vague and ambiguous. But when it comes from a personal conviction you will start off your day and foresee what the next is going to bring. You intuitively feel that it's more of a calling than a job.

Do you sense the difference?

With this intuition the founder of Maximum for men garments chose his career in 1976. He was 19 years old when he founded a small workshop producing men shirts. His focus was always on the quality of the fabrics and accessories and the intricate sewing. He was able to provide the Lebanese local market with a product of superior standards and an affordable price. With their success, Maximum shirts reached the Arab market and specifically the Gulf market. Throughout the years the shirt production expanded to include ties, pajamas, and t-shirts. Italian textiles were imported and produced partly in specialized Lebanese factories and partly in Itlay. With that the company had acquired a full range of men fashion garments and set out on an expansion plan to branch out to the rest of the world. The goal became clear and was inspired by the great successes of Lebanese creatives in the Haute Couture field.